ABLE Counseling & Assessment Services, PLLC

Mission Statement

Promoting individual behavior change by educating, empowering and challenging destructive thinking patterns by having clients take personal responsibility for choices leading to rewarding and positive outcomes.

Specializing in Substance Abuse Assessments & Outpatient Treatment

ABLE Counseling is a DWI facility which was founded on the basic principles that clients will pay for exceptional service and knowledge in a structured, confidential environment at an affordable price. Using these principles, we provide services for both English and Spanish speaking clients Most of our clinicians have over 15 years of experience, and are able to provide individualized assessments and treatment for a variety of presenting problems. Through counseling and other therapeutic techniques, our programs assist clients with their individualized growth. Here at ABLE we pride ourselves on our various levels of outpatient treatment. Our flexible hours allow our clients to continue their professional careers, family responsibilities, and educational goals while receiving the treatment they need to live a productive life free from alcohol and other substances.

Phone: 704-568-1122